5 Reasons to Change Your Furnace Filter

Are your air filters ready for winter? Snow will start to fall while the mercury starts to dip throughout many areas, thus hard to think about things like switching out filters on your HVAC unit. Should you?  Experts suggest the air filters every month; especially when winter is approaching or late summer months. Change your air filters when your HVAC unit gets the most use.

Your air filter at any time of the year shouldn’t take more than three months without being changed and swap you dirty ones out for new ones.

Why is it so importantto use the best furnace filters? Here are five benefits of regularly replacing your air filters.

Extending the life your HAVC unit: 

Your heating and air conditioning system break down is due dirt clogging the filter. The dust accumulates air can pass through, and worse the system overheat. The overheating leads to motor working harder leading to breakdown.

The unit needs to be repaired, or in the worst case, an older unit that hasn’t been replaced it the filters for a long time places it on edge requiring you to buy a new. Although, replacing the filter is an easy way to prolong its use life buy the best furnace filters for a superb heating system.

Keep energy cost down: 

A clogged air filer’s motor works harder, thus more energy is being used. If the HVAC uses more energy to keep your heating and air conditioning work, your power bill skyrockets.  The department of energy is reported that an average household spends more than $2,200 a year on its energy bill.

Make a habit to change your air consistently filters to save 5 to 15 percent on your utility costs.

Maintaining healthy air quality: 

This crucial if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Dirty air filters automatically worsen the air quality and can exacerbate symptoms. Homes with pets, its paramount as the pet dander accumulate in the system and then spread allergens all over the house.

Get an HVAC technician to fix and replace your filter to prevent air quality in your household deteriorating.

Keep your heating and cooling system clean:

Why do you keep your heating and cooling system clean? Dirty get clogged up in the filter leading to polluting the entire HVAC system, calling for extra repairs, services and parts you hadn’t planned to buy.  Check here !

A clean peace of mind:

Get an HAVC technician replace your filters is an easy, cheap step to save money, extending the life of your system improving your home air quality. It also reduces the amount of energy your family uses.

When shopping for the best furnace filter check the least efficiency reporting value (MERV) number that ranges from 1to12, where the higher the number, the better the filtration system is.

To conclude

In addition to changing your furnace filters every month, it’s crucial to get an HVAC tune-up and regular to general maintenance at the start of the winter. A licensed HVAC technician will check your electrical connection, check your filtration system for fire hazards and make sure the units is free of carbon monoxide, analyze and calibrate thermostat ensure the system is in shape to work hard for cold winter ahead.